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Trump Nominee Brett Talley Appears to Support 20-Year-Old Woman Having Sex with 14-Year-Old Boy

Brett Talley
Brett Talley poses for a portrait at Holy Rood Cemetery on Dec. 2, 2014 in Washington.

Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images

BuzzFeed first reported earlier this week that 36-year-old Brett Talley, Donald Trump’s nominee for a federal district judgeship in Alabama, appears to have written 16,381 posts on the message board under the username BamainBoston. (BuzzFeed was able to identify him because BamainBoston linked to a profile of Talley under the subject line “Washington Post Did a Feature on Me.”) BamainBoston posted on that site more than 3½ times per day for more than 12 years. Among the subjects that interested him: Alabama football, “the first KKK,” Roe v. Wade, and sex between a babysitter and a 14-year-old.


On Sept. 13, 2011, a user with the handle rizolltizide posted a link to a Daily Mail story headlined, “Nanny Diaries: Confiscated Journals Reveal 20-Year-Old Babysitter’s Love for Boy, 14, and ‘Amazing’ Sex.” That user’s take on the article: “Don’t lie. You’d hit it, too.” Other users chimed in with “I’d be telling my parents to go out everynight” and “I would do that and pay for the sitter.” BamainBoston’s contribution came in the form of a three-word post: “Why not me!”


Although BamainBoston does not seem to have opined on the sexual misconduct allegations against Senate candidate Roy Moore, he is not a big fan of the former Alabama chief justice. In 2015, when Moore ordered state judges not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, BamainBoston wrote, “I got no love for Roy Moore. He should be removed from office.” Moore was ultimately suspended for the remainder of his term as chief justice. Earlier this year, BamainBoston wrote approvingly of Moore’s Republican primary opponent Luther Strange: “Good to see Luther doing well. Should beat Moore in the runoff.” Strange did not beat Moore in the GOP primary.

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