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Prepping for Turkey

The Slate Plus Digest for Nov. 17.

Thanksgiving is less than a week away.


It’s less than a week until Thanksgiving. We hope that means you’ll soon be taking some time off, ingesting a lot of good food, and not having terribly awkward conversations with family.

And if you do happen to get stuck in an uncomfortable bind? Sneak away and read these pieces!

From Slate

Slate has been covering a lot of sexual harassment stories lately. In an attempt to get a handle on how people define, or are redefining, sexual misconduct in what seems like a watershed moment, Christina Cauterucci solicited anecdotes about questionable encounters people have experienced and asked about “gray area” incidents of harassment. Read her cover story on what she learned from the tales shared by 56 people.


Al Franken may have apologized after being accused of sexual harassment this week, but Mark Joseph Stern argues there’s more to be done: The senator should resign. Further, Laura Miller writes about why Franken can’t hide behind his comedy anymore.


Isaac Chotiner talks to writer Rebecca Traister about the inevitable backlash to this sexual harassment moment. And after weeks like these, we all need this: a therapist on how to listen to and support victims of sexual trauma.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer started out the week by sounding the alarm about the GOP tax plan. Jordan Weissmann dissected why Republicans decided to attack Obamacare to fund their tax cuts.

April Glaser breaks down “the law that let Silicon Valley stay clueless.” Inkoo Kang explains how she became a virtual reality convert. And remember how Amazon Key wanted to let delivery people into your home? Here’s why you won’t want to do that just yet.


If you’re headed to the theaters this weekend: Looks like the new Justice League isn’t as grim or nihilistic as its predecessor, but don’t expect a Wonder Woman. (And don’t forget to listen to the Spoiler Special podcast with Jonathan Fischer and Dana Stevens afterward.) Aisha Harris thinks “Mudbound shows off the skill and promise of one of our most fascinating emerging directors.”

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We don’t need a holiday to say it, but we here at Slate Plus are thankful for you and your membership, which helps make our journalism possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Associate editor, Slate Plus