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The Angle: Feet of Clay Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Tuesday’s election, ex-Muslims, and the latest allegations.

A movie in trouble. 

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Today’s revelations: GOP senators try to spin the Roy Moore news. Comedy fans reel at the big Louis C.K. story. And we all try to figure out why a man would want to do … that.

Postmortems: How much did Donald Trump hurt Ed Gillespie in Virginia? Will Saletan argues that the president’s unpopularity took its toll. And Mark Joseph Stern reminds us that despite the Democratic victory this week, gerrymandering has very real effects.

Right-thinking: If it feels like conservatives are more susceptible to fake news, there’s a reason, psychologist John Ehrenreich writes. Their motivations and personalities are different from liberals’, and human factors always affect our reasoning.

Once a believer: Aymann Ismail once thought ex-Muslims who spoke against the religion in public were really, really bad for Islam. Then he interviewed a few of them.

For fun: Something is wrong at Newsweek.

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