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Ever Since Trump Was Elected, Americans Are Way More Into Trade and Immigration

Counterprotesters (left) argue with Trump supporters during dual rallies with the America First pro-Trump group in Laguna Beach, California, on Aug. 20.

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A new survey of Americans’ views on their country’s role in the world shows they generally favor a more traditionally activist approach to foreign policy, including strong alliances, rather than the “America first” principles promoted by President Trump (at least early in his presidency).

What’s also interesting from the survey by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs is that on two of Trump’s core issues, Americans have moved away from the president’s views. For instance, for all of Trump’s rhetoric about bad trade deals killing American jobs, Americans are now far more likely than they were last year to see international trade as beneficial:

They’re also far less likely to see immigration as a threat:

Trump is a historically unpopular president, and the people who don’t like him really don’t like him, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that his core causes are becoming unpopular as well. The trends above apply to Democrats, independents, and Republicans, though the report’s authors note that views of Trump’s core supporters haven’t changed at all.