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The Angle: Our Generals Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Stranger Things, Patricia Millett, and the trouble with John Kelly.

Democracy ain’t easy.

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Tough adjustment: Being in the service for too long makes operating outside of it hard, Fred Kaplan writes. John Kelly, who seems furious at a lot of things these days, is a prime example. (Will Saletan agrees: This was a bad week for Kelly.)

Lady in waiting: Mark Joseph Stern celebrates Patricia Millett, the judge whose powerful dissent eventually secured the undocumented teenager Jane Doe her right to an abortion. Stern thinks Millett should be “at the very top of the Supreme Court shortlist” the next time a Democratic president gets the chance to make a pick.

Culprits: Who’s responsible for the unjust fact that Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job in the NFL? If Jeremy Stahl were giving the quarterback legal advice, he’d tell him to go after these seven teams.

It’s back: Stranger Things made the summer of 2016 (aka, the Before Times) a delight for fans of ’80s movies and culture. The series has returned, and Willa Paskin thinks the follow-up is also pretty great.

For fun: Songs about aliens destroying all life on Earth, ranked.