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Trump’s Lawyers Didn‘t Just Discuss Russia at a Busy Restaurant, They Did It “Loudly” at an Outdoor Table

Who could have predicted the presence of a White House reporter at a popular restaurant located next to the White House?


The New York Times casually dropped a very funny detail into a Sunday story about how White House attorneys Don McGahn and Ty Cobb disagree with each other about how cooperative to be with the Robert Mueller Russia investigation:

The friction escalated in recent days after Mr. Cobb was overheard by a reporter for The New York Times discussing the dispute during a lunchtime conversation at a popular Washington steakhouse. Mr. Cobb was heard talking about a White House lawyer he deemed “a McGahn spy” and saying Mr. McGahn had “a couple documents locked in a safe” that he seemed to suggest he wanted access to. He also mentioned a colleague whom he blamed for “some of these earlier leaks,” and who he said “tried to push Jared out,” meaning Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, who has been a previous source of dispute for the legal team.

Overheard at lunch! And here’s a tweet by the reporter in question, Kenneth Vogel (the other guy in the picture, John Dowd, is a Trump attorney):

Nice. Talking about sensitive details of a criminal investigation involving the president, “loudly,” on a sidewalk two blocks from the White House. That’s good lawyerin’—especially bearing in mind my colleague Dahlia Lithwick wrote a column about how Trump’s attorneys keep embarrassing themselves and the legal profession before this happened.