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Tom Price Resigns for Getting Caught Wasting a Million Dollars on Luxury Airfare

Do you think Trump is saying You’re fired!, like from his show? Probably not, since this is a picture from March. Still, it’s very funny to think about.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

On Thursday, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price apologized for spending an estimated $400,000 of taxpayer money on charter airfare for trips that he likely could have made for vastly less money by flying commercially. Just hours later, Politico reported that Price had also spent over $500,000 more on military jet trips to Europe, again on routes for which commercial flights were available. And now Tom Price is not the Secretary of Health and Human Services anymore:

During Price’s tenure at HHS, the Trump administration tried and failed about 100 times to pass legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act. There have also been reports that Price was at least at one point being investigated by federal prosecutors for engaging in some insider-y trading of health stocks while he was a congressman.

So, on the whole, not a great nine months for Mr. Tom Price. He will likely very much enjoy the lower stress levels and higher compensation levels involved in his next job, as a lobbyist!