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Today in Conservative Media: Go Away, Hillary

Hillary Clinton signs copies of her What Happened during a book signing event Tuesday at Barnes and Noble in New York City.

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On Tuesday, conservatives heaped scorn on Hillary Clinton’s new campaign memoir What Happened and her spate of recent media appearances promoting it. “Its release has been widely anticipated among the I’m-Still-With-Her crowd and all their ‘persist!’ and ‘be the resistance!’ drama,” RedState’s Kimberly Ross wrote. “Yes, we understand that you can’t let her stunning defeat go. It was never only Trump fans who gave in to cult-like behavior. One only needs to look at those like Lena Dunham or Peter Daou to see that Hillary obsession is not only over-the-top but is still alive and well.”

Kristine Marsh at the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters criticized Clinton for calling the media environment “difficult” for Democrats, citing a Media Research Center study showing that Trump had received more negative coverage. “Lest Clinton need reminding, the media coverage of her opponent was not even close to balanced. In the 12 weeks after Trump was announced as the Republican nominee, he received 91% hostile media coverage, on the three major networks,” she wrote. “Yet just 38% of Clinton’s airtime during that period focused on her scandals.

“Fox News, Breitbart, and Infowars are convenient scapegoats for Clinton, but it’s abundantly clear that the media is overwhelmingly biased toward Democrats,” the Daily Wire’s Aaron Bandler wrote. “The media is actually one major advantage the Democrats have, which is why so many on the Right have railed against media bias for years. The fact that Clinton lost to Trump despite having an advantage in the media once again shows what a terrible, awful candidate she was.”

Rush Limbaugh criticized Clinton for externalizing blame for her political losses:

This book is out today. She blames Comey. I’m not making this up. She blames Russia, she blames WikiLeaks, she blames Facebook, she blames fake news, she blames voter ID laws and sexism and misogyny for losing. None of those are the reasons why she lost, and you all know what they are. She’s not likable. She’s not charismatic. And, you know, people are offended by this sense of entitlement. I mean, what’s Hillary Clinton done to be president? Seriously. I know you can say the same thing about Trump. But Trump went out and won. What has she done? Her biggest… The reason why the Democrats gave her a chance to run this thing twice… She should have gotten the picture 2008, ’cause 2008, that’s when she was guaranteed to be the nominee, and they had to pay her back.

She saved her husband’s presidency by sticking with him. She saved the Democrat Party by staying with her husband during all of those affairs he had in Arkansas and the White House. By sticking with him, she saved the party. They did owe her. They let her run the first attempt at health care. She botched that. She botched the bimbo eruptions unit. She botched pretty much everything politically. She was not smart, she was not adept, she’s not The Smartest Woman in the World, but the image preceded her.

Also at the Daily Wire, Hank Berrien noted a passage in What Happened in which Clinton compares the denunciations of her at Trump rallies to the public shaming of Cersei Lannister by “religious zealots” in Game of Thrones. “That’s rather tone-deaf from someone who served in the Obama Administration, when the worship of him was so intense that there was a sand sculpture deifying him in Charlotte near the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and the ubiquitous donkey symbolizing the Democratic Party since 1828 was jettisoned in favor of the Obama symbol,” he wrote. “But even more tone deaf in the passage quoted above is the notion that Hillary identifies with the worst villainess the television industry has ever produced; a woman who is ruthless to the point of murdering her daughter-in-law despite knowing that her son adores her; a woman who gets her husband murdered, and a woman who likely ordered the slaughter of the illegitimate babies sired by her husband.”

“Some might say this is the sort of thing that happens when your ghostwriter’s Standing Subcommittee on Popular Culture References had a few too many beers the night before,” National Review’s Jonah Goldberg added. “The thing is that even if you despise the theocrats, Cersei had every reason to be ashamed. She was, in fact, guilty of everything she was accused of.”

Laura Loomer of Canadian alt-right site Rebel Media confronted Clinton at her New York City book signing. The incident was described in a post at the Gateway Pundit:

Laura Loomer live streamed her wait in line on Periscope as she zig-zagged through the line to confront Hillary. “So the American people would like to know, what happened to your 33,000 emails?” What happened in Benghazi?”

Hillary quickly retorted with a fake smile on her face, “Go read the book”.

Loomer then confronted Hillary Clinton about the Haitians who never received their earthquake relief from the Clinton Foundation funds. “What happened to the millions of dollars that was supposed to go to the people in Haiti?”

Hillary then replied, “You know what? I’m so sorry you believe things that are untrue”.

Hillary tried to ignore Loomer by speaking to the next person in line but Loomer continued to ask her questions.

“What happened to Seth Rich? What happened to your health Hillary?” Loomer asked as she was told to leave by security.

In other news:

Multiple conservative outlets ran posts on the vandalism of a Christopher Columbus statue in Central Park. From

Left-wing vandals desecrated a massive Christopher Columbus statue in New York City’s famed Central Park late Monday night, splashing “blood red” paint over the explorer’s hands and writing “Hate Will Not Be Tolerated” at the base of the memorial.

According to the New York Post, a city employee noticed the defaced statue early Tuesday morning and notified the NYPD and Parks Department. Local law enforcement fear future attacks against city memorials will continue in the coming weeks, noting the vandals left behind a spray-painted threat at the foot of the statue.

Some conservatives sounded off on Twitter.