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A Ranking of Trump’s Sunday Morning Tweets From Least to Most Insane

Donald Trump, not tweeting.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

The president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, woke up on Sunday morning raring to tweet. Starting at 7:40 a.m., after his breakfast Big Mac, Trump began firing off a string of missives, ranging from loopy to outright unhinged. The president, since he has nothing else to do, clearly scoured the responses to his tweets finding a few meme-type graphics and gifs to retweet because, sure, that’s what normal presidents of normal countries do before its citizens wake up.

The president tweeted or retweeted 15 times on Sunday morning. Here’s an official ranking of the top eight of Trump’s Sunday morning tweets from least to most insane:

8. The president’s newfound love of maps continues unabated. So he retweeted this gem from his mentions.

7. Trump with arrows. Pointing up. Sure. RT.

6. Trump retweeted this intentional misreading by the Daily Mail political editor of New York Times reporter Steven Greenhouse’s just OK joke.

5. A train with a hat on it. It’s a Trump train. Get it? How could the president of the United States not retweet that? Incidentally, the train pictured “making America great again” is from the Canadian National Railway. The Ted Cruz Express! RT!

4. You’re welcome Twitter retweet.

3. Trump liked this piece of Soviet-style heroic realism because it made his hair look fuller and more lustrous. Retweet.

2. This one managed to squeeze two of Donald Trump’s obsessions into one gif—golf and Hillary Clinton. RT.

1. Nuclear-themed tweet, 7:52 a.m. The president of the United States was sitting on this one for a few hours and itching to fire it off first thing this morning. Nailed it.