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Watch the Raiders’ Stadium Go Nuts for Marshawn Lynch’s Sideline Victory Dance

Running back Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch is one of the NFL’s best characters, a bowling ball of adrenaline on the field and a charismatic enigma off it. He’s also an Oakland native who came out of retirement this year to play for his hometown team. On Sunday, as the Raiders were well on their way to moving to a 2-0 record with a thunderous, dominating win over the pathetic New York Jets, the stadium’s DJ cued up a local jam called “Oakland.” As you can see above, it went over very well with both Lynch and the Raiders crowd as a whole.

The Raiders are America’s team now. Go Raiders!

Update, 5 p.m.: I forgot to mention that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas at some point in the next few years because NFL team owners aren’t allowed to let their teams play in no-frills, multi-use, public-minded stadiums like the Oakland Coliseum anymore. Good luck getting whatever luxury-box laden upscale mall they’ll be calling a “stadium” in Vegas to jump off like that, though.