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Los Angeles Has Football Fever. Don’t Go to a Game or You Might Catch It!

Chargers fans go crazy for their beloved team.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Believe it or not, the small Southern California village of Los Angeles boasts not one but two professional football teams. Thanks to its bizarre climate and remote location, few call this burg home, but those who do have one thing in common: They love both their football squads equally.

First, you have the Los Angeles Rams, a team whose roots in town run so deep that some Angelenos know they exist. After a rousing Week 1 victory against the Colts of Indianapolis, Rams fever reached a boiling point at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this Sunday. They played host to Washington, and the visiting press couldn’t help but gush that “it would be generous to describe the Coliseum as half full.” As any optimist will tell you, half full is the only way to go.

Washingtonians far outnumbered those rooting for the local squad, but that is to be expected considering Los Angeles lacks the sort of robust media outlets that could get word out about the game. The hometown Rams lost 27–20, but the spirit they showed in defeat shan’t be forgotten by their loyal fan.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles’ other favorite sons, the Chargers, played their first home game at the StubHub Center, which has a capacity of 27,000. Reports from their contest against the Miami Dolphins paint a fun and festive scene.

The intimate venue failed to inspire L.A.’s beloved Chargers, alas, as they fell to the Dolphins 19–17.

While Los Angeles may be small, its noble citizens more than make up for that size deficit with their boundless heart and passion. This is why L.A. is building a 70,000-seat, $2.66 billion stadium complex for the Chargers and Rams, scheduled to be completed in time for the 2020 NFL season. It will be the most expensive stadium in the world. What a deal! Reserve your seats now. It promises to be the hottest ticket in town.