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Even Trump’s Longtime Bodyguard Is Leaving Him

Keith Schiller, director of Oval Office operations, steps off off Air Force One carrying a box upon arrival in Morristown, New Jersey on June 30, 2017.

AFP/Getty Images

Keith Schiller has been working by President Donald Trump’s side for almost two decades. But it looks like the longtime personal aide who worked for years as Trump’s bodyguard and is now head of Oval Office operations won’t even last one year at the White House. Schiller has told people close to him that he will be leaving the White House at the end of September.

Schiller, however, doesn’t seem to be leaving for any political reasons, but for something Trump can likely appreciate: more money. Even though Schiller, a former New York City police detective, earns an annual salary of $165,000, that is a decrease from the $294,000 he was earning before the White House.


The former bodyguard had his moment in the spotlight when he was the one tasked with going to FBI headquarters to deliver the letter firing director James Comey. The then-FBI chief was in Los Angeles at the time. More recently, Schiller was tasked with informing another longtime Trump aide, George Gigicos, that he would never manage another Trump event after the president was unhappy with how his Aug. 22 Phoenix rally went.

Schiller’s exit would come at a time when Trump is losing some of his most loyal aides as Chief of Staff John Kelly tries to bring some order into a chaotic White House.