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This Interview With the Fired NSC Staffer Is Like a TED Talk for People Who Think Obama Imposed Sharia Law

Rich Higgins.

Screenshot/Medium via Daily Caller

Rich Higgins is the Michael Flynn/Steve Bannon–affiliated National Security Council staffer who was recently fired for circulating a face-melting gibberish memo, which suggested that the Trump administration is being targeted by the secret collaborative efforts of violent jihadists, international corporations, and leftist academics. (ISIS makes strange bedfellows, I guess! Read the memo here.) In an act of solidarity, Mike Cernovich—one of the alt-right media figures who accused Hillary Clinton of organizing a pedophile sex ring at a Washington pizza restaurant—has posted the transcript of a 2016 interview that Rich Higgins did with Tea Party activist Ginni Thomas. It is tremendous stuff, combining the empty jargon of the modern business visionary with Fox News–style paranoia about encroaching sharia monsters. A few indicative quotations:

  • “I … have a unique vantage point from the positions I’ve occupied in the past and my skill baseline.”
  • “​2016 from the enemy’s strategic vantage point is a pivot year.”
  • “Our fixation on the kinetic attacks draws us away from the strategic perspective. … ​Because of the media coverage associated with it therewith, it draws us to fixate on particular points that may or may not lead us to the correct strategic conclusions.”
  • “[Muslim Brotherhood] advisors are in and out of the White House.” (The Muslim Brotherhood, in conspiracy world, is an omnipresent and hypercompetent Islamic infiltration force.)
  • “The Muslim Brotherhood is disrupting our thinking and disrupting the actions related to the way we conceptualize the fight.”
  • “You can’t orient on a threat doctrine for ‘violent extremism.’ “

I for one am disappointed that Rich Higgins’ skill baseline is no longer available to orient strategic threat doctrines that disrupt our enemies’ pivots. Sad!