The Angle

The Angle: Saddest Story Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on MMA in police departments, Trump’s latest word salad, and the exploitation of “Beautiful Kate.”

Brad Steinle, brother of Kate Steinle, gets a hug during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill on July 21, 2015, in Washington.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Stepping stone: Donald Trump took a tragedy—the possibly accidental shooting of a young woman by an undocumented immigrant—and used it for all it was worth. Jeremy Stahl anatomizes a shameless act of exploitation.

What did he even … : Against all odds, there are people out there claiming that Trump’s “fire and fury” comment aimed at North Korea was actually good strategy. Katy Waldman breaks down six such optimistic theories.

Twist my arm: Is jujitsu-style training really what police officers need in order to be less dangerous in the field? Michael Thomsen is both impressed and skeptical.

D-minus: Dany Targaryen looked cool on that dragon, but she could have just ended the war, right then. Ian Graber-Stiehl Thursday-morning quarterbacks the situation.

For fun: Game of … Jones.

Compton Castle FTW,