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Watch President Trump Almost Get Through a Tribute to a Vet Without Talking About Himself. Almost.

The President of the United States was in Ohio on Tuesday ostensibly running for president again, approximately 4,000 days before the next election, while frequently talking about the last election, which he totally won. During a stop in Struthers, Ohio Tuesday evening, Trump and the First Lady were on hand for a veterans’ event called a Salute to American Heroes. During the event, Trump turned his attention to WWII veteran Robert Bishop for a tribute. Simple enough, a nice gesture, the type of thing presidents do everyday while in office.

Unlike most presidents, however, Trump only got, oh say, halfway through recounting Bishop’s service record when he got distracted by the word Ohio and launched, again, for the billionth time, into talking about his electoral victory last November! It was a truly astounding moment of unconscious selfishness displayed by the president that has become so common it almost goes unnoticed. Almost.

Here’s a transcript of the remarks:

POTUS: I’d like to honor one such hero who is with us tonight: Robert M. Bishop. (Applause.) He looks good.

Nearly 76 years ago, Bob was a gunner aboard the USS Tennessee in Pearl Harbor and when the Japanese bombs struck the turrets of that once-great ship… During the attack, Bob was below the deck at his battle station for four excruciating hours of fire and hell. Five of his crewmembers never made it off the ship, giving their last breath in this courageous and incredible service to our country.

Bob stayed with his ship after the attack. And once it was repaired—which went, actually, much faster than it goes today, folks—you’ll have to explain that one, folks. (Laughter.)

AUDIENCE MEMBER: And it cost less.

POTUS: It cost a lot less. (Laughter.) He served on the Tennessee for another four-and-a-half years, fighting in some of the greatest engagements in the Pacific Ocean.

After World War II, Bob and his wife Doris moved back to Ohio. Good choice, Bob. That is a good choice. I love this state. Remember at the beginning, they always said, there is no victory without Ohio. Right, Mr. Chairman? Boy, did we win Ohio. Right? Remember? (Applause.) And it wasn’t like it was close. That was a—that was a big one.


POTUS: Thank you. Thank you very much. Where Bob served in the Navy Reserve and also worked in the steel industry for over 50 years.