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Watch Chris Christie Get in a Fan’s Face After He Was Heckled at Baseball Game

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie confronts Brad Joseph during a baseball game at Miller Park in Milwaukee.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie won’t take your heckling lightly. Even if it’s at a baseball game. Christie got in the face of a baseball fan Sunday when he was heckled while walking toward his seat at a game in Milwaukee where the Brewers were facing off against the Chicago Cubs. Video that quickly made the rounds on Twitter showed Christie holding tightly to an order of nachos while he leaned over and got very close to the fan’s face, calling him a “big shot.” The fan, Brad Joseph, replied, “I appreciate that.”

WISN12 reporter Ben Hutchinson, a relative of Joseph’s, was the one who shared the video on social media. But Hutchinson only started filming at the end of the confrontation, so Joseph filled in the blanks about what happened, explaining that he had yelled at Christie that “he sucked” and called him “a hypocrite.” Why did he do this? “I thought it needed to be said,” Joseph said. He then went on to detail what happened next:

He turned around back towards me and got in my face for what seemed like a long time, but was probably only about 30 seconds or a minute. (He) was yelling at me. First he told me, ‘Why don’t you have another beer?’ which I thought was a decent comeback, and I thought that was kind of funny. Then he started calling me a tough guy.

This is hardly the first time Christie, whose son works for the Milwaukee Brewers, has faced an uncomfortable situation during a baseball game. On July 18, fans at Citi Field in New York loudly booed Christie after he grabbed a foul ball during a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Mets.