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The Nickname “Reince Penis” Is Now Part of the Public Record

White House chief of staff Ron Pembis on Capitol Hill on June 27.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is not a fan of White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, who Scaramucci seems to suspect of sabotaging Donald Trump’s agenda by leaking to the press. (Priebus was previously the chairman of the Republican National Committee and is the leader of the White House faction that tries to persuade Trump to act like a normal Republican rather than the personification of a soda can that has been dropped on the floor and has exploded and is being like shot in random directions across the floor, making the entire floor sticky and disgusting, by the foam spraying out of a hole in the side of the can.)

In fact, the Washington Post reported last week, Scaramucci even uses a “crude nickname” for Priebus:

Scaramucci has coined a particularly crude nickname for Priebus and, in private conversations with associates in recent weeks, repeatedly savaged both the chief of staff and the entire White House press operation.

It seemed obvious that this nickname was “Reince Penis,” but was it? WAS IT???

Yes, the Daily Beast now reports. It was, and is, “Reince Penis.”

Two sources who have known Scaramucci for years say that he has privately called Priebus “Reince Penis” (a taunt also deployed by political operative and longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone), among other crude monikers.

Pebis! LOL. The crudest of monikers, indeed.