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In Most Monstrous Act of This or Any Presidency, Trump Drives Golf Cart on Green

At last, Donald Trump has been caught on tape committing an act so heinous that moderate Republicans will have no choice but to break with the president. Twitter user Mike Frank reports the footage above, released on Wednesday, was shot at Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster, on the weekend of June 9. Trump, known for trampling over such old-timey political norms as don’t fire the guy who’s leading an investigation into whether your campaign colluded with Russians, drove a cart over one of the golf world’s best-known commandments: Do not leave tire tracks on the green. As the experts at the Golf Channel note, “While it’s tough to tell exactly where the putting surface begins and ends, at the bare minimum, he is well beyond the acceptable distance from the green.” (Emphasis theirs.)

If you have footage of Trump moving his golf ball with his shoe or taking upwards of four mulligans on a single hole, please send it to and to special counsel Robert Mueller.