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From Portland to Paris

The Slate Plus Digest for June 2.


Hey, Plus members! As you know, the Slate News Quiz invites you to compete against a designated Slatester every week as you test your knowledge of current events. You should definitely just skip it this week, OK? It’s really hard, and the questions are dumb. The promo line says “Think You’re Smarter Than a Slate Senior Editor?” and in this specific case you almost certainly are.

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  • Writing a lyric essay about Donald Trump the Man is a high-wire endeavor, and Rebecca Solnit’s “The Loneliness of Donald Trump” is a bravura performance.
  • A fascinating look at how one Greenwich Village block went from Jane Jacobs–ian paradise to high-fashion strip mall to luxury blightscape.
  • Adam Serwer puts Greg Gianforte, who body-slammed a reporter the day before being elected to Congress, in the ignoble tradition of “the politics of a false valor forged by fear.”
  • To Americans, Rodrigo Duterte looks like a murderous despot. What does he look like to Filipinos—and why have they rallied around him?
  • A calm, measured argument with large implications: Is Donald Trump’s presidency illegitimate?

Remember, 118 is a very respectable score in basketball,

Gabriel Roth
Senior editor and News Quiz failure