Amicus: Nice Little FBI You’ve Got Here. Pity if Something Happened to It.

What counts as “obstruction of justice”? And should judges pay attention to Trump’s Twitter feed?

Listen to Episode 70 of Slate’s Amicus:

In his much-anticipated testimony on Capitol Hill this week, former FBI Director James Comey described several uncomfortable interactions with President Donald Trump that preceded his firing. The big question for all watching was could any of those interactions be considered “obstruction of justice”? On this week’s episode, we put the question to Stanford Law School professor Robert Weisberg.

We also discuss the litigation around Trump’s executive order on immigration with Kate Shaw, an associate professor at the Cardozo School of Law and a Supreme Court analyst for ABC News. Shaw is the author of a new article in the Texas Law Review that considers what sorts of presidential speech is admissible in a court of law. (Read Shaw’s recent New York Times op-ed on the subject here.)

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