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Jeff Sessions Reportedly Offered to Resign Amidst Growing Discord with Trump

Hold me?

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To add a dollop of crazy onto a White House already spinning out of control, the relationship between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has apparently deteriorated over the first four and half months in office to the point that Sessions reportedly offered his resignation to the president. It’s unclear how serious the offer was in context, but the fact that it was even discussed is an indicator of some turbulence between the president and one of his earliest and most vocal supporters. Trump refused the offer.

At the heart of the discord is Trump’s anger over Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation after failing to disclose a meeting with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. Trump was only notified of Sessions’ decision to remove himself from the case minutes before the former Senator made the announcement. Trump’s anger at his attorney general’s recusal apparently continues to simmer and has led the president to go after Sessions in private meetings, according to ABC News. Trump apparently believes the ultimate responsibility for Robert Mueller’s selection as special counsel belongs to Sessions and his decision to step aside.

From the Washington Post:

It is unclear when Sessions offered to resign, and Trump refused the offer. The moment was brief and Sessions made the suggestion after weeks of Trump’s disgruntlement and tense private meetings, according to the two people close to the White House who requested anonymity to speak candidly. Trump made clear to Sessions that although he did not like Sessions’s decision to recuse himself, these people said, he still had faith in his attorney general, these people said.

Trump is also displeased with lack of progress his Muslim ban has made in the court system, again assigning responsibility to Sessions.

Soon there will be no one left. Which is a bad thing. Probably.