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Official White House Document Promotes Goal of “Lasting Peach” Between Israelis and Palestinians

The legendary “Peach of Harmony” floats over Jerusalem.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by gorsh13/Thinkstock.

Donald Trump is in Israel, and it’s off to a great start. His wife pushed his hand away from hers on the tarmac in Tel Aviv when they got off their plane. Then he told an audience in Jerusalem he was happy to have arrived in Israel “from the Middle East.” Then, unprompted, he appears to have confirmed to reporters that Israel was the source of the top-secret intelligence he shared with Russia’s foreign minister and U.S. ambassador two weeks ago.

Then there was this:


Everyone makes ghastly typos from time to time, of course; I assume there are seven or eight of them in this post. But it does seem like an administration deeply committed to the goals outlined in the document above might have read through the list of those goals more than zero times before sending them out to the press during an extremely high-profile, high-stakes diplomatic visit.