Amicus: Animus Amicus

A group of law professors tells a federal court that religious bias lies at the heart of Trump’s travel ban.

Listen to Episode 68 of Slate’s Amicus:

In the wake of the unceremonious termination of FBI Director James Comey this week, one previously unfamiliar name has dominated the news cycle: Rod J. Rosenstein. The former federal prosecutor became the U.S. deputy attorney general just over two weeks ago and since then has found himself at the center of a storm around President Trump’s most high-profile firing to date. Leon Neyfakh has been covering Rosenstein for the past few weeks and joins us to talk about whether anyone at the Department of Justice can remain neutral in these polarized times.


We also speak with University of Virginia School of Law professor Micah Schwartzman about this week’s oral arguments in one of the lawsuits challenging President Trump’s revised travel ban. Schwartzman is among a group of constitutional law scholars who filed an amicus brief arguing that the executive order violates the Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

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