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Trump Wishes a Slaveholder Could’ve Come in and Resolved the Whole Civil War Thing Before It Started

Donald Trump in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Saturday.

Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The week is off to a wretched start:

That’s apparently from an episode of a SiriusXM show called Main Street Meets the Beltway scheduled to air today.

Some quick notes:

1. Everyone asks why the Civil War started.

Screen shot/Google

2. Andrew Jackson was the “unrepentant” owner of 161 slaves; he once wrote that abolitionism threatened the “safety of our country, commerce, and our revenue.” To indulge Trump’s time machine scenario, a Jackson-brokered resolution of the conflicts that created the Civil War almost certainly would have involved the perpetuation of slavery.

Seven and a half more years of this, folks. Is there no God?