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Roger Ailes Is Dead and Mike Pence Cannot Save You

The Slate Plus Digest for May 19.

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Hey Plus, what’s new? Feels like we haven’t talked in about six years.

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  • Some Republicans are starting to hope Mike Pence can save the party. Jamelle Bouie thinks that’s unlikely.
  • On Roger Ailes, who died Thursday, here’s Isaac Chotiner: “Ailes was not some phony elitist playing a con on the rubes. No, he really loved degrading people, and he held the same resentments as the pathetic viewers whose worlds he manipulated.”
  • And here’s Justin Peters: “He spent most of his 77 years feeding America bullshit and calling it red meat. His legacy is a diminished network, a paralyzed polity, and a country that is worse off than he found it.”
  • Joe Lieberman would be a terrible choice for FBI director, and yet picking him would be kind of a smart move for Trump, argues Jim Newell.
  • The Slate Plus Digest is not too proud to include this vicious takedown of a rival in the newsletter game.
  • There is also culture, though! Like Carl Wilson’s joyful and meticulous review of the wonderful new Mountain Goats album! And Laura Miller’s expert dissection of onetime voice-of-a-generation Douglas Coupland! Don’t forget the arts! They’re what it’s all for!

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Twitter Thread of the Week

We did this last time and it went OK. So here’s Samuel Sinyangwe on mass incarceration and the political culture of Louisiana.

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Wow, news blogging was very different in 2014.

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