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The Slate Plus Digest for April 14.

Cat and dog are friends

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Happy Easter, chag Pesach sameach, etc. How nice to celebrate the advent of spring (or the resurrection of Christ, or the liberation from Egypt, or the birth of Ali, depending on your religious tradition) under the renewed shadow of possible nuclear holocaust! Let’s take the opportunity to remember the week in 1983 when a NATO war game almost started World War III.

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As we ponder the long twilight of Bill O’Reilly’s unpleasant career, Dwight Garner reminds us of Slate founder Michael Kinsley’s classic 2001 O’Reilly assessment:

Why fake a humble background? Partly for business reasons: Joe Sixpack versus the elitists is a good posture for any talk show host, especially one on Fox. Partly out of vanity: It makes the climb to your current perch more impressive. Partly for political reasons: Under our system, even conservatives need some plausible theory to qualify for victim status, from which all blessings flow. But mainly out of sheer snobbery.

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