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One of Trump’s Department of Labor Appointees Apparently Graduated From High School in 2015

Donald Trump at the White House on Tuesday.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The investigative site ProPublica has a report out Wednesday on some 400 individuals whom the Trump administration has appointed to executive branch positions that don’t require Senate confirmation. Thirty-six of them are lobbyists, which suggests that the swamp may not be getting drained, and several of them are wingnut conspiracy types, which suggests that the swamp may be convinced that Ted Cruz’s father killed John F. Kennedy. But ProPublica’s best find might be Danny Tiso, a Department of Labor hire. ProPublica says that Tiso’s LinkedIn page identified him as having graduated from high school in 2015, though it no longer appears to do so, and this 2014 internship announcement suggests that he would not have been a senior until the 2015–16 school year. (It’s possible, of course, that he graduated early—this February 2016 Nashua Telegraph article identifies him as a former high school student—or that the announcement was mistaken.)

Tiso, according to LinkedIn, worked for the Trump campaign in New Hampshire as an event coordinator. His previous work experience consists of four internships and, per a quick Google search, he made a school honor roll in 2010. When he was in sixth grade.

And now he works at the federal Department of Labor! That’s neat.