The Angle

Republicare Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the GOP health care plan, doctors’ lessons for cops, and the real villain of Get Out.

HHS Secretary Tom Price demonstrates that the new House Republican health care bill is shorter than the Affordable Care Act, which is how we’re assessing legislation now?

Alex Wong/Getty Images

“Punchline to a slow-boiling joke”: The newly released Republican health care plan looks a lot like Obamacare, but stingier and weaker, Jordan Weissmann writes. It’s the result of a set of arcane procedural rules and the GOP’s own years-long campaign to back itself into a political corner.

King Kong reversed: Jordan Peele’s Get Out finds the horror in white liberal racism. Aisha Harris notes that the movie’s scariest villain subverts a centuries-old racist trope. [Warning: Spoilers for Get Out abound at that link.]

Cops, learn from docs: The field of medicine has its “never events,” such as leaving an instrument in a patient after surgery. The patient safety movement has dramatically reduced those mistakes. Could law enforcement adapt its lessons to their own work—and prevent unnecessary deaths?

For fun: Watch the first-ever underwater footage of the elusive True’s beaked whales.

Looking at whales on a loop and feeling pretty chill about it,