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The President’s Top Adviser Is Literally a KKK-Level White Power Scumbag

Steve Bannon at the White House on Jan. 24.

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

There is no sense in complaining that this or that Trump administration story isn’t bigger news. There is simply so much garbage pouring out of 1600 Pennsylvania on any given day that it’s beyond the capacity of any human to properly comprehend and become outraged by all of it.

And yet, I would like to complain that it should be bigger news that the second-most-powerful person in the White House has in recent days been revealed to have repeatedly endorsed an extremely racist 1970s novel, The Camp of the Saints, that is “revered” in the foulest depths of the white-power movement. Newly infamous Iowa congressman/white nationalist Steve King just endorsed The Camp of the Saints in a radio interview; two days ago, white supremacist Jared Taylor—who organizes an annual conference attended by KKK figures and “white pride” advocates—celebrated its newfound prominence on Twitter.

Let’s review the whole situation.

1. Steve Bannon, the former publisher of, was the “chief executive” of Donald Trump’s campaign and is now the White House’s “chief strategist.” He is a longtime advocate of hard-line immigration policies and is reportedly one of the administration figures most closely involved with Trump’s executive orders banning travelers from majority-Muslim countries.

2. At Breitbart, Bannon gave heavy promotion to the career of Milo Yiannopoulos, an all-around gutter person who, for the purposes of this article, is notable for having posed for photos wearing an Iron Cross and holding books about Hitler; Yiannopoulos also engaged in the white-supremacist practice of using brackets to identify the names of Jews when writing about them online. One of the articles Yiannopoulos published under Bannon at Breitbart praised a number of advocates of racial segregation, including Richard Spencer, who was recently seen making a Nazi salute and using a Nazi slogan at a Washington celebration of Trump’s inauguration. Breitbart readers are infamous for using Holocaust imagery to harass their online enemies.

3. Bannon’s ex-wife says he complained that he didn’t want their daughters attending school with Jewish classmates. He’s said publicly that too many Silicon Valley CEOs have Asian ancestry. He has publicly asserted the inevitability of the U.S. becoming involved in a “bloody” global war against Muslim armies. As the Huffington Post reported earlier in March, he has also repeatedly endorsed The Camp of the Saints, an abhorrent novel about black Americans, “dirty Arabs,” and rape-crazed, feces-eating “Hindus” (among others) overruning and destroying white civilization. Here are a few excerpts from the book:




A passage near one of the excerpts above refers to blacks as “rats.” I found the text to The Camp of the Saints, by the way, on a Nazi website that has a section called “The Jewish Problem.”

The chief adviser to the president—and one of the president’s biggest allies in Congress—have endorsed an iconic work of white-power propaganda that refers to black Americans as niggers and rats. What the hell is going on? When will it end?