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The Angle: Canadian Bacon Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Flynn’s sins, news for kids, and the northern Trump.

The ugly truth about Michael Flynn comes out.

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Lessons from Turkey: Last year, the company owned by Michael Flynn—briefly Trump’s national security adviser—collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for lobbying work that appears to have been on behalf of Turkey. William Saletan sorts out what the president knew and when—and concludes that the saga reveals Trump’s lack of patriotism, his dishonesty, and his willingness to put America at risk.

News for kids: Justin Peters spent a week reading Newsela. Newsela is a news site for kids. Teachers use it to teach kids how to read the news. It uses a lot of simple declarative sentences, and it explains words like Congress. (Congress is made up of two groups, representatives in the House and senators in the Senate.) It doesn’t explain that our president is a crude, demagogic bully who rose to power by pandering to the worst instincts of the country’s dumbest white people, though.

Prime Minister Mr. Wonderful: Kevin O’Leary, a panelist on ABC’s Shark Tank, gets compared to Trump for his Twitter fights, colorful insults, and lack of governing experience. He’s also the front-runner to take on Justin Trudeau on behalf of Canada’s Conservative Party. Are Canadian conservatives about to take a cue from their southern neighbors?

White power in the White House: Steve Bannon, the chief adviser to the president, has publicly endorsed a white supremacist novel that calls black people “rats” and asserts that people of color will destroy white civilization. People have not been sufficiently outraged by this.

For fun: What’s your Wayne Tracker name?


“Lucia Oilman”