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The Official Top 13 Names for the Devin Nunes Scandal

Devin Nunes

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Watergate. Travelgate. Ballghazi. All the great American scandals have had catchy names. Why should the Devin Nunes scandal—the thing with the Republican chair of the House intelligence committee getting secret reports from Trump administration officials and then feeding those reports back to Trump, for some reason—be any different? Let it have a name!

Here are the top 13 options, in an order that has absolutely nothing to do with Russia.  

1. The Nevin Dunes Affair

2. Dog Day Afternunes

3. Afternunes Delight

4. Devin Can Wait

5. All Docs Go To Devin

6. Just Like Devin

7. Devin’s Gate*

8. The Devin Horseshit Show**

9. Water Tapp

10. Devinflategate

11. Ezra Cohen-Chappawatnick

12. Mikepence Nunes the Richer

13. Mila Kunis

*For Twitter, please use #Devinsgate.

**There is a famous horse show called the Devon Horse Show.