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Trump’s Inaugural Address Covered Topics Such as “Carnage,” “Decay,” and “Blood”

We’ll have more detailed analysis of Donald Trump’s grim, revenge- and nationalism-oriented speech later Friday, but for now, here’s a sampling of words that appeared therein:

  • “Poverty”
  • “Rusted-out”
  • “Tombstones”
  • “Gangs”
  • “Drugs”
  • “Carnage”
  • “Depletion”
  • “Disrepair”
  • “Decay”
  • “Ravages”
  • “Destroying”
  • “Bleed”
  • “Blood”

One of Trump’s lines, in fact, was almost identical to one delivered by the villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Make America bleed blood again! Carnage.