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Today in Conservative Media: Trump Is Great and Popular

President Donald Trump displays one of five executive orders he signed related to the oil pipeline industry on Tuesday in Washington.

Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images

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On Tuesday, conservative media was blanketed with positive reviews of Trump’s first days in office. In a Fox News segment called “Analysis of President Trump’s First Full Day in Office,” Laura Ingraham said Trump’s executive orders and meetings with businessmen and union leaders on Monday were “a home run for him.” Breitbart also praised Trump’s “strong start”: “In the four days since his inauguration on Jan. 20, President Trump’s approval index has boomed upward a whopping seven points.” The post cited the Rasmussen Reports.

The Daily Caller similarly hailed Trump’s executive orders as progress, posting a CNN video of Trump in the Oval Office under the headline: “WATCH: The Moment Trump Saved the Keystone XL Pipeline.”

On Fox News, Sean Hannity recounted President Donald Trump’s executive orders aimed at “undo[ing] the damage left behind by President Obama,” and said that the “commander-in-chief is already launching a shock and awe campaign against the Washington establishment.” Hannity added: “The days of all talk and no action are over.”

National Review also focused on Trump’s outsider status—especially on how he differs from President Obama—in a post ostensibly about how economic growth effects a president’s political capital:

Trump’s demeanor, language, and comportment remain antithetical to what we are accustomed to in a sober and judicious president. Cat-like Barack Obama gracefully tiptoed down the steps of Air Force One almost like a prissy metrosexual; a grimacing Trump stalks about as if he were on a work site inspecting the cement on a newly laid foundation. Obama, with his Mussolini-like strutting jaw, conveyed collective revolutionary confidence to the Left; to Left and Right alike, the scowl from a slouching Trump suggests unrepentant payback to come.

The nation’s stunning new First Lady is foreign-born and speaks heavily accented English. Trump is the first thrice-married president and the first billionaire to assume office. All that is just the personal disconnect from norms of the past.

In other news: Madonna

Conservative media continued to condemn Madonna’s remarks at the Women’s March over the weekend. The singer said she had thought about blowing up the White House, though later explained that she “spoke in a metaphor.” On Fox and Friends, Newt Gingrich said she should be arrested and also said, confusingly:

I love the left. When they say, “I dreamed about blowing up the White House,” they didn’t mean, “I dreamed about blowing up the White House.” They actually meant, “The yellow purple banana,” but they didn’t want to say, “The yellow purple banana” because it was too shocking. So they said blow up the White House. Give me a break.

A former Secret Service officer told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM that Madonna’s comments could “motivate others to act.” Both Breitbart and Sean Hannity circulated unverified reports that the Secret Service was “investigating” Madonna for her comment.