The Magnitsky Act and the Looming Russian Danger

What are the dangers of President Trump repealing sanctions on Russia?

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Jacob Weisberg talks to Bill Browder, the investor and author of Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice. The two discuss how business in Russia operates, the threats made on Browder’s life by Vladimir Putin, and the dangers facing our country with a president who’s willing to curry favor to Russia.


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Update, Feb. 17, 2017: A Clarification: On this edition of Trumpcast, Jacob Weisberg had a back-and-forth conversation with Bill Browder, the investor and author, about how the Trump administration may affect the United States’ relationship with Russia. As part of that conversation, they discussed work done by the firm Fusion GPS and its co-founder Glenn Simpson on behalf of the company Prevezon, owned by the son of the vice president of Russian Railways. By that discussion, Trumpcast and Slate did not intend to imply that Fusion GPS or Simpson were directly working for the Russian government or Russian intelligence. Fusion GPS and Simpson state that they have never engaged in any lobbying on behalf of Russia or Russian agents, and they assert that their only work for a Russian entity was in the Prevezon litigation, at the request of the law firm Baker Hostetler. Because Fusion GPS and Simpson do not believe they were engaged in lobbying activity, they contend that they were not required to file under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.