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The Angle: Inauguration Day Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Trump’s inaugural address, his contempt for the Constitution, and his emboldened opponents.

It’s morning in America, in a narrowly literal sense, as workers build the stage for President Trump’s inauguration.

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Hi, I’m L.V. Anderson, a Slate associate editor, and I’ll be delivering your daily newsletter for the next few months while Rebecca Onion is on leave. (Good timing, Rebecca!)

Only America First”: Donald Trump’s inauguration address showed that he has undergone “no moderation, no maturation” since his days as a loose cannon on the campaign trail, writes Fred Kaplan. Trump’s refusal to amend his message will have consequences around the world.

How Trump understands the law: Trump’s inauguration address reveals his ignorance of and contempt for the shared values enshrined in the Constitution. “Nobody should be surprised that not a word about the courts, the law, or the Constitution were uttered today, or that law to him means ‘law enforcement officers’ and nothing more,” writes Dahlia Lithwick. “We should be terrified, though.”

Democrats fighting back: Congressional Democrats’ boycott of the inauguration shows that they “are increasingly unwilling to remain bound by political manners that their opponents refuse to heed.” Michelle Goldberg reports on Democrats’ new willingness to play hardball.

Oh, just curious: Your regular Angler, Rebecca Onion, introduces a new Slate Academy on the history of fascism. Why now? No reason, really.

For fun: Civil disobedience in the form of a glitter-strewn queer dance party on the streets of D.C.

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