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Trump’s Law Firm Was Named “Russia Law Firm of the Year” in 2016

Sheri Dillon of Morgan Lewis.


Is Donald Trump a Manchurian candidate being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin via pee video? Personally, I don’t think so! He and his advisers do have a lot of nonsecret connections to Russia, though, and another one popped up humorously on Wednesday at the press conference in which Trump outlined his sham of a plan to “isolate” himself from Trump Organization–related conflicts of interest while in office. A lawyer named Sheri Dillon from the firm Morgan Lewis was on hand to discuss aspects of the situation. Here’s a boast on Morgan Lewis’ website that Google sleuths found almost immediately:

Chambers & Partners is a publisher that, yes, evaluates law firms. Morgan Lewis is a large law firm that has a Moscow office among many others and has previously worked for Trump on matters unrelated to Russia. So Sheri Dillon (who works out of D.C., not Moscow) is probably not part of any sort of conspiracy. Still, it’s funny!