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Trump Blasts New York Times, Washington Post in Typo-Riddled Tweetstorm

President Donald Trump participates in a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May in the East Room of the White House on Friday in Washington.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Legal U.S. residents are being prevented from entering the country and people who put their lives on the line for the United States are being detained at the airport. But what is the commander in chief worried about Saturday morning? The news media, or as he called them in an interview on Friday, “the opposition party.”

Trump seems to have woken up with a fresh desire to criticize two media outlets in particular, once again saying that the Times is “FAKE NEWS!” He seems to be so upset about the media that he sent the tweets out without even spell checking first.

“The failing @nytimes has been wrong about me from the very beginning. Said I would lose the primaries, then the general election. FAKE NEWS!” Trump wrote on Twitter at 8:04 a.m.

Four minutes later, he added the Washington Post to the mix and included a few typos for good measure: “Thr coverage about me in the @nytimes and the @washingtonpost gas been so false and angry that the times actually apologized to its dwindling subscribers and readers.They got me wrong right from the beginning and still have not changed course, and never will. DISHONEST”

It’s anyone’s guess what actually got the president of the United States so upset but it could be the coverage of his executive order banning refugees or travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries. Or maybe their review of his first week in office?

In accusing the media of dishonesty, Trump himself wasn’t exactly truthful with his 23 million followers. The Times never apologized for its coverage, although the paper and some reporters did acknowledge that they underestimated the real estate mogul’s chances of winning.

The Times quickly responded to Trump’s tweets to point out what the paper described as another falsehood in his tweets, claiming subscribers and audience are “at all-time highs.”