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Today in Conservative Media: “The Real Women’s March”

Thousands of people march on Constitution Avenue during the March for Life, January 27, 2017 in Washington, DC.  

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

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Conservative media praised President Donald Trump’s support for the annual pro-life March for Life in Washington, D.C., on Friday. Trump tweeted support for the marchers and sent Vice President Mike Pence and spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway to speak at the march.

The Daily Caller wrote, “While previous Republican presidents have expressed support for the march — Ronald Reagan through a pre-recorded video message and George W. Bush through a phone call — Trump is the first to send high level representatives to address the march real-time and in person.”

Breitbart featured several march-related headlines on its homepage, including: “PENCE: ‘LIFE IS WINNING AGAIN IN AMERICA,’” “PROGRESS: PLEDGE TO END TAXPAYER-FUNDED ABORTION,” and “TRUMP TO MARCHERS: ‘YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT!’” The site also featured a live stream of the march.

Laura Ingraham’s homepage called the demonstration “the real women’s march” and her other site, Lifezette, wrote:

Trump has only been in office for a week but has arguably managed to do more to reinvigorate the pro-life movement than the entire Republican Party in the entire four decades since Roe v. Wade.

This fact becomes even more glaring when one considers the the skepticism with which some movement conservatives met Trump’s pro-life comments on the campaign trail. Simply put, many of his opponents thought he was lying in an attempt to dupe Evangelical voters into supporting him.

Conservative website Townhall called Trump’s support of the pro-life movement “a welcome departure from the previous administration’s parade of callous insults (‘war on women,’ legal fights with nuns) against the majority of Americans who value unborn life and conscience rights.”

The National Review focused on the marchers’ cause instead of Trump’s support. It made the case against abortion with an animal metaphor:

If you were in charge of a nature preserve and you noticed that the pregnant female mammals were trying to miscarry their pregnancies, eating poisonous plants or injuring themselves, what would you do? Would you think of it as a battle between the pregnant female and her unborn and find ways to help those pregnant animals miscarry? No, of course not. You would immediately think, “Something must be really wrong in this environment.” Something is creating intolerable stress, so much so that animals would rather destroy their own offspring than bring them into the world. You would strive to identify and correct whatever factors were causing this stress in the animals.

The right-wing website the Blaze compared today’s pro-life march and last weekend’s Women’s March, writing that March for Life “participants will be putting their message — not their genitals — forward” and “will not be looking for free birth control, or free tampons, or free anything. They will not be making any personal demands, because this march is not about them.”

In other news: Donna Hylton

Conservative sites and Facebook pages widely shared a story about Donna Hylton, a domestic violence and prison reform activist who spoke at the Women’s March over the weekend. In 1986, Hylton was sentenced to 25 years in prison for her role in a man’s murder. A conservative Facebook page called her a “monster.” Another said, “This is what passes for a feminist today.”