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Representatives of Austrian Party Founded by Nazis Will Attend Trump Inauguration

Heinz-Christian Strache in Salzburg, Austria, on Saturday.

Barbara Gindl/AFP/Getty Images

You know how comedians and people in bands have to go to other musicians’/comedians’ shows to support them because that’s the only way they can make sure they’ll have people at their own shows? The international alliance of hateful white-nationalist politicians is apparently like that too. From an English-language Austrian news site:

The head of Austria’s Freedom Party (FPÖ), Heinz-Christian Strache, has officially announced his attendance at Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration, which takes place this Friday. Strache disclosed his plans on his Facebook page on Tuesday morning. … The invitation allegedly came from the US-Congressman from Iowa, Steve King, who is known for his ultraconservative views and strong support for Trump.

You may remember Steve King from such hits as complaining that nonwhite “subgroups” haven’t contributed enough to civilization and complaining that Germany isn’t ethnically pure enough anymore. And you may remember the Freedom Party from such hits as having been founded by actual Nazis.

Make America 1939 Europe Again!