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Donald Trump Just Gave an Hourlong Interview With a Guy Who Made This Face the Whole Time

Hannity really vibing on Trump.

Screenshot/Fox News

Donald Trump gave another hourlong sit-down TV interview on Thursday, this time to pal Sean Hannity and Fox News. It was a 60-minute process of gently leading the orange horse to water, complete with soft focus, a doting, caring Hannity, and prepackaged Trump features whose gusto would give NBC’s breathless Olympic coverage a run for its money. When it came to the interview itself, the two chums touched on all the important issues of our time, like how big Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd was, how good his speech to the CIA was, and how terrible the media is.

Hannity, like a dutiful Jugs pitching machine, lobbed up a number of other softballs on trade, terrorism, and Obamacare. Hannity made essentially zero effort to make news so, unsurprisingly, Trump bumbled his way through the normal non sequiturs and threw on a few random numbers here and there as toppings, while Hannity made sure everything stayed on track. It’s hard to describe how gallingly obsequious the normally punchy Hannity was, but I think the picture above gives you a taste.

This was not an interview between two serious people; this was not a policy discussion of any substance; this was not even remotely intellectually honest. So instead of treating it as such, here are some ridiculous things Donald Trump said and let’s call it a night.


Trump: They use the environment to stop a lot of good things, not only energy. Buildings. Factories. Plants. They use it to stop things. It’s land, by the way, I’m an environmentalist.

Trump and Hannity on loving waterboarding and how well torture works:

Trump on toy walls vs. proper walls:

Trump on airplanes (and prioritizing military spending over a balanced budget):

Trump on the importance of papers:

Trump: We have taken in tens of thousands of people. We know nothing about them. They have no papers. How can you fight somebody when you don’t know anything about them and you have no papers?