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Donald Trump Accuses Top Aide, Cabinet Pick, Own Daughter of Voting Fraud

Make America Fraud Again.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Donald Trump on Wednesday promised an investigation into nonexistent rampant voter fraud, which he characterized in part as “those registered to vote in two states.”

It turns out, some of the people closest to Trump are in this group of voting fraudsters.

For starters, White House chief strategist and senior counselor Steve Bannon was registered in New York City as well as in Sarasota County until Wednesday when Bannon was removed from the voting rolls in Florida, CNN reported.


The network’s website also reported that treasury secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin was registered in New York and California.

Finally, Heat Street reported that, according to public records, “Tiffany Trump is registered to vote in both Pennsylvania and New York.”

None of this is actually prima facie evidence of a crime and there’s a pretty simple explanation for why so many people are on multiple voting rolls: People move states, and they neglect to immediately remove themselves from the registration list in the place they left. (I have done this before.)

But Donald Trump is presuming that this indicates millions of people have committed all-caps “VOTER FRAUD” that he alleges cost him the popular vote. He appears to be ramping up to use this bogus excuse to try to purge the voter rolls.

One wonders if his top adviser, treasury secretary nominee, and daughter will face any consequences for their apparent “FRAUD.” One would guess not.