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A Tiny Boy the Size of a Pinky Finger

The Slate Plus Digest for Dec. 16.

Playgrounds are no fun these days.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by byakkaya/Thinkstock, Jewel Samad/Getty Images, and Jim Watson/Getty Images.

Here’s a fun one: As Ben Mathis-Lilley points out, the phrase Merry Christmas—historically a benevolent albeit culturally specific expression of festive goodwill—has acquired partisan salience. Keep that in mind as you greet your loved ones this holiday season!

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Slate Dreams

First in a very occasional series. Actually, let’s be honest, we’ll probably never do this again. This week’s dream comes from staff reporter Leon Neyfakh.

Last night I dreamed I found a tiny boy, the size of a pinky finger, stranded in our elevator. I had to get a plastic cup to transport him home. I reached out to doctors for advice on how to get him healthy and growing, at which point I was made to understand that it was all a viral marketing ploy hatched by a protein/weight gain powder company that was planning to give me free products in the hope that I would post about the tiny boy’s progress on Instagram.

Thanks, Leon! Keep us posted!

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Gabriel Roth
Editorial director, Slate Plus