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The Philosopher Who Predicted Trump in 1998 Also Predicted His First Act as President-Elect

You may have seen the passage above, which was posted on Twitter by Lisa Kerr of the law school at Queen’s University in Ontario. Richard Rorty was a philosopher; Achieving Our Country is a book he wrote about the American left and its response to Vietnam.

Here’s one of the very next lines in that book after the crazily prescient ones above:

After my imagined strongman takes charge, he will quickly make his peace with the international superrich.

Here’s a headline from Thursday in the Huffington Post:

And one from Friday in the New York Times:

On point.

Rorty suggests the left respond by “trying to mobilize what remains of our pride in being Americans,” which was pretty much what Hillary Clinton did during the Democratic National Convention in what in retrospect was probably the high water mark of her campaign.