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David Duke Is Very Happy With the Trump Transition So Far

To the casual observer, Donald Trump’s leakier-than-the-Titanic transition effort might seem like it’s been a chaotic job fair for right-wing blowhards, alt-right boogeymen, Islamophobes, Hispanophobes, and Trump’s own family. Of course, not everyone thinks it’s been a disaster. One of the Trump supporters that thinks the transition’s going great: former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and professional also-ran David Duke, who’s been gleefully chronicling every twist and turn of the president-elect’s hiring process:

That’s one happy Klansman! Even Duke, though, thinks former United Nations ambassador and Iraq War booster John Bolton would be a disaster as secretary of State.

Overall though, Duke thinks things are going just swimmingly.

You’re doing great, Donald. Everything’s just great.