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The Slate Plus Digest for Nov. 4.

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From Slate

The New Americans: Dahlia Lithwick spoke to immigrants who became citizens this year and can now vote in an American election for the first time. Among them are a student who came through an Iraqi refugee camp, an aspiring lawyer who crossed the Rio Grande without documentation, and an Englishwoman who came at 17 and never got around to leaving. It may be the only story from this election season that will make you feel better about the country.

On the other hand: Jim Newell urges you to panic. Isaac Chotiner talked to Obama’s former chief speechwriter on what a Clinton concession speech might look like. And Jamelle Bouie argues that, even if Clinton wins, it’s not over.

Not from Slate

Slate Academies

Two of our Slate Academy series dropped new episodes this week. A Year of Great Books discussed the twisty, metaphysical stories of Jorge Luis Borges and talked about post-election reading with John Dickerson. (Don’t forget to vote on what we’ll read next.) And Pop, Race, and the ’60s reached Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin with special guest Ann Powers of NPR Music. Coming next week: The United States of Debt on the mortgage boom and bust, and where they left us.

From the archives

Doug Dinsmore of Hamburg, Pennsylvania, recommends a terrifying and hilarious 2013 experiment in which Dahlia Lithwick—Supreme Court correspondent and mother of two—wore Axe body spray for a week. The New New Journalism!

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