The Things That Finally Made Republicans Renounce Trump

Over two years.

You could feed the whole race card at Keeneland with all the seeming last straws Trump has piled onto the backs of his Republican supporters. And yet for months hardly anyone budged. Trump calls Mexicans rapists? Cool. Trump proposes a ban on all Muslims entering the country? No prob, Don.

It took a leaked video of Trump boasting about sexual assault to finally get Republicans to move en masse, and even then not everyone has budged. John McCain may finally be out, but Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, et al? Still in.

In all, there are more than 160 Republican politicos actively not supporting Trump. And the New York Times has done a masterful job of compiling those names, as well as when they withdrew their support—or rather, what Trump did to push them away. We gave that list the video treatment, providing a visual look at the various things that nudged Republicans toward sanity. Spoiler alert, though: Zero left the fold after he called Mexicans rapists.

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