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Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: Who Will Be the Last One in the Bunker?

Donald Trump outside Trump Tower on Saturday.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The Trump Apocalypse Watch is a subjective daily estimate, using a scale of one to four horsemen, of how likely it is that Donald Trump will be elected president, thus triggering an apocalypse in which we all die.

There was a fun Washington Post article published this weekend about Donald Trump holing up in Trump Tower, his midtown Manhattan office/apartment/Eye of Sauron building. Trump spent the 24 hours after the leak of the instantly infamous “pussy” video “mostly ensconced in Trump Tower with only his most loyal advisers, steadfastly refusing to accept or recognize the full reality of what was happening outside,” the Post reports. Among those still in the inner circle is Stephen Bannon, the publisher of Here’s what the Hill reported Tuesday about what Bannon thinks about Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House:

On editorial conference calls, the Breitbart chairman would often say “Paul Ryan is the enemy,” according to a source who worked with Bannon at the news organization … “Bannon has Alex Jones-level paranoia about Paul Ryan,” the source said, referring to the right-wing radio host and conspiracy theorist who runs the pro-Trump website Infowars. “He goes on these amazing rants,” the source added of Bannon. “He thinks Paul Ryan is part of a conspiracy with George Soros and Paul Singer, in which elitists want to bring one world government.”

Donald Trump’s naturally unhinged demeanor + plummeting poll numbers + increasing isolation + an open split with Ryan +  top adviser who believes Ryan is part of a black-helicopter world-government conspiracy = Some interesting times in the next few weeks! We might need a part of a horseman smaller than a quarter.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons.