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Paul Ryan, Who Still Supports Donald Trump, Is Tweeting Again

Left, a Donald Trump supporter; right, Donald Trump.

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On Friday, the Washington Post published a 2005 tape in which Donald Trump bragged that he would kiss women and grab them by the genitals without their consent and get away with it.

Also on Friday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he was “sickened” by that video, but maintained his support for Trump’s candidacy and said “I hope that Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves.”

On Saturday, a number of top Republicans withdrew their support from Trump.


Also on Saturday, Ryan gave a speech in Wisconsin and remained a Trump supporter.

On Sunday, during the presidential debate, Trump denied that he ever groped women or kissed them without their consent in the way that he described in that video.

Also on Sunday, Ryan sent out this Tweet, which did not indicate in any way that he had revoked his support of Donald Trump, and on Monday his staff confirmed that he continued to endorse Donald Trump.


On Wednesday evening, a flood of new accusers came forward to allege that they had either been groped by Donald Trump or that he had “[forced] his tongue down my throat” in pretty much the exact way he had described in that video.


Earlier on Wednesday, a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus of the House of Representatives said he would be withdrawing his support for Paul Ryan in the next speaker of the House race because Ryan’s support for Trump, which had not changed, wasn’t sufficiently zealous. And on Wednesday evening, Ryan sent out another tweet.

There were no events listed on the public schedule of Ryan, who remains a Trump supporter, for Thursday.

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