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Now, Slate Plus Members Can Get More of The Gist With Bonus Segments!

Listen to Mike Pesca’s inaugural bonus segment for the show.

Finally, The Gist has kicked off its very own Slate Plus segment for members! Listeners will now be able to gain access to exclusive interview excerpts and other special goodies from The Gist on Fridays—along with a weekly recurring feature called the NOTBAT.

In this Friday edition of The Gist, host Mike Pesca introduces the NOTBAT—which stands for “not only that, but also this.” Do you have an interesting, provocative observation that Mike could be interested in tackling? Submit it to the show at—Mike and his producers will be looking for fascinating topics to piggyback on.

For this inaugural segment, listen to Mike’s rants on inexperienced politicians, microwaved cereal, and finally, breakfast pretzels. (Just how different are they from salty bagels?) 

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