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Lawyers for Trump Accusers Have Message After Lawsuit Threat: Bring It On

Jessica Drake speaks beside attorney Gloria Allred about sexual misconduct allegations against Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Two lawyers representing some of the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct are telling the presidential candidate they are not afraid of his lawsuit threats. In not-so-subtle terms, the lawyers are even saying that Trump should be careful, because any lawsuit could actually end up causing him even more problems.

Jill Harth, the first woman who publicly accused Trump of sexual misconduct, released a statement on Sunday in which she explained that she only chose to speak up after he called her a liar. “Trump’s calling me a liar again yesterday only strengthens my resolve to speak the truth about what he did to me.”

Lisa Bloom, Harth’s attorney, said she would “continue to proudly represent” her client through any lawsuits. And then she goes for the jugular: “In that lawsuit I would take the deposition of Trump and all of his enablers, and subpoena his business and personal records as well as any recordings that may exist in which he brags about sexual assault, such as the Access Hollywood recording and potentially, the Apprentice raw footage.”

Bloom put out the statement a day after attorney Gloria Allred accompanied adult film star Jessica Drake at a press conference in which she became the 11th woman to come forward and accuse Trump of inappropriate sexual behavior. “Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Trump,” said Allred. “If you sue the accusers, the lawyers who represent these women will have the opportunity to depose you. In plain English, you will be required to testify under oath and the women’s lawyers will welcome the opportunity to question you under oath. You may find the questions may include all the women with whom you have had sexual interaction.”

Allred was speaking at a news conference in which Drake said that in 2006, Trump hugged and kissed her and two female friends in his hotel room without permission. She also said Trump offered her $10,000 plus the use of his private jet to sleep with her, which she declined. “I am choosing to share my personal exchange in light of the recently released tapes in order to lend my voice, my strength, and my support to the other women who are coming forward. Collectively, his words and his actions are a huge testament to his character—that of uncontrollable misogyny, entitlement, and being a sexual assault apologist,” Drake said. “This is not acceptable behavior for anyone, much less a presidential candidate.”

The Trump campaign released a statement Saturday night denying the claims as “totally false and ridiculous.” Trump “does not know this person, does not remember this person and would have no interest in ever knowing her,” notes the statement. “This is just another attempt by the Clinton campaign to defame a candidate who just today is number one in three different polls. … Just another example of the Clinton campaign trying to rig the election.”

Earlier on Saturday, Trump said “every woman” who came forward has lied. “All of these liars will be sued after the election is over,” he added.

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